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2009 Conference


Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA)


In response to the challenges facing PWSA(USA) and our members in the current economic climate, we are taking a new approach to conferences and educational opportunities in the near term.

  • In 2009, we will offer expanded conference programming for scientists and providers, but no general, family-focused conference.
  • We are also developing a new webinar education series for families, scheduled to begin in Spring 2009.

Details on 2009 conference and webinar series are listed below.

Although we are excited about finding new ways to meet our members’ needs for information and networking, we recognize and share your concerns about not having a family-focused conference in 2009. Please know that we have not made this decision lightly, and that the current plan represents our best effort to serve the needs of our PWS family while making fiscally responsible use of the resources available to us.

PWSA (USA) 2009 CONFERENCE: JUNE 3 – 5, 2009, in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Focused on expanding scientific and provider programs and accelerating a solution to hyperphagia
    • Wednesday, June 3rd: Clinical, Scientific and Care Providers Advisory Board Meetings
    • Thursday, June 4th: PWS Scientific Conference and Care Providers Conference
    • Friday, June 5th: Care Providers Conference half day, Multi-disorder, collaborative meeting on hyperphagia
  • Parents are welcome as observers to the PWS Scientific Day and ˝ day Hyperphagia Day meetings

WEBINARS: Beginning Spring 2009

  • A four-part educational series on topics of interest to all age groups, available via the web for a minimal participant fee
  • The first webinar will be offered Spring 2009


  • Registration fees for Conference and YIP/YAP programs don’t begin to cover the actual costs of putting on a family-focused conference. If you’d like to see these programs continue, please consider holding a fundraiser and/or donating to PWSA(USA) to support them.
  • Planning and financing conferences are monumental tasks, requiring hundreds of hours of staff and volunteer time. Please consider volunteering for our conference committee and/or volunteering your time at a conference.

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