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Emails to Heaven

Pam Eison

Dear PWSA (USA) families and friends,

Yesterday, on November 19th, our dear international (IPWSO) president, Pam Eisen, found her peace in death after a ten month battle with pancreatic cancer.  During those months, Pam made several trips including to Germany to speak and organize the first international providerís conference.  She spent much of her effort preparing her children for her death, especially Gabriella, her daughter who has PWS.  She spent as much time with them as possible and created memories that will live beyond her.

Pam is known and well loved throughout the PWS world for her volunteer work for IPWSO.  I have saved dozens of emails that have come to Pam through me since her diagnosis, and the following are just a few that describe the spirit of our dear Pam:

I remembered our meeting, your cheerfulness and kindness, your charming smile, your inexhaustible energy, your keenness and devotion to the noble idea - help to patients. (Romania)

I feel privileged to have met and worked with a person like you. The time we spent working and talking together enabled me to see your devotion to children with PWS and their families and to observe, with awe and wonder, that obstacles and difficulties were not words in your vocabulary and just challenges overcome more often than not. (Israel)  

As a parent dedicated to helping other parents, you have set an example of how to live a remarkable life filled with compassion, purpose, guts, determination, and supreme gentle grace.  I know Iím just one in a whole world of people who appreciates and loves you, Pam.  (USA) 

Pam, you are one of the most beautiful butterflies I know.  Your gentle nature leads you to communication and cooperation, as opposed to confrontation and conflict.  You have always made an effort to show people all the positive events and things in life, rather than focusing on the bad.  And, once I got to know you, I knew your strength.  I know many of lifeís obstacles that you have had to overcome.  (Canada)

As one young mother in India who was devastated when she found out Pam was dying wrote to me:  ďI wish I could send her emails in heaven.Ē    

At PWSA (USA) we will be setting up a special fund in Pamís memory and will work with her two sons on the most appropriate use of the funds. 

Janalee Heinemann
Director of Research & Medical Affairs Ė and Pamís forever friend


Edited: 02/09/2012

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