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Events and Fundraising

Your contributions directly help PWSA (USA) with the following services:
1. Medical Funding for Research
2. Hosting the Largest Annual Medical Conference in the World on Prader-Willi syndrome
3. Medical Updates, Consultations, and Emergency Aid
4. Support through a Crisis Intervention Program with an 800 Number
5. Crisis Intervention Funding
6. Education Materials
7. Support to State Chapters
8. Endowment Funding
9. Numerous Support Programs for New Parent and Grandparent Mentoring and Bereavement


Current Activities


Event and Fundraising Ideas*

  • Letter Writing

  • Marathons
    Running a marathon, half-marathon or participating in pilgrimage? Send out letters asking for donations of support!

  • Skip-A-Meals/Hungry for a Cure
    Send letters asking that for one day (or more if someone is inclined), individuals “skip a meal” and instead of spending money on the meal, donate those funds to PWSA (USA), i.e., $5 to PWSA (USA) instead of buying lunch

  • Lose-A-Thon

  • Walk-A-Thon**

  • Golf Tournament**
  • Silent Auction/Dance
  • PWS Wristbands
  • Dress Down Day
    At your place of work or at your child’s school, consider a “Dress Down” or “Blue Jeans” Day where employees or students can pay a few dollars to wear casual clothing. The money would then be donated to PWSA (USA).
  • Dollar Sales Event
    Procure (donated) prize items. Sell tickets for a dollar each and stick tickets in jars placed next to prize items. Winning ticket is pulled from jar and prize goes to the person who bought the winning ticket. (NOTE: if event used as a fundraiser, this may be considered a raffle and may require a permit to make it legal)
    Another format: Combine this idea with an education program. After a training, ask questions about PWS. Have available a few donated prizes. Give a ticket to each person who answers a question correctly and stick matching ticket in jar by prize. At end of question session, pull a winning ticket from jar.
  • Bingo
    Create bingo cards made up with words associated with PWS (NOTE: if event used as a fundraiser, this may be considered a game of chance in some states and may require a permit to make it legal.)
  • Soda can and/or soda can tabs
    In areas where it’s available, collect soda cans or soda can tab tops and bring to recycling center or grocery store to trade for funds (generally get paid by weight).  Extra idea: this is a great project for students. They can create fliers to post around town and hand out asking for the cans to be saved to be picked up by them at a later specified time to benefit PWSA (USA).
  • Fishing Tournament
  • Movie in the Park
    Coordinate a day to show a movie in the park where proceeds go to PWSA (USA). Before showing, give a short presentation about PWS and distribute literature about PWS. Extra idea: sell nutritional/healthy snack options.
  • High School/Youth Groups
    Host a talent show (charge to secure free or donated location). Charge admission to raise funds for PWSA (USA), include prizes donated by local businesses. Coordinating an event like this would be an excellent experience for any teenager and look great on college applications. Extra idea: a karaoke contest could be modeled similarly.
  • Babysitting Night
    Concept: babysit children for a minimum suggested tax-deductible donation per hour while parents get some alone time together. Call it something creative, like “Date Night for Mom and Dad” or “Kids Friday Night.” It would be preferable to have certified babysitters or additional adult help. Suggested location: place of worship or daycare center as they have facilities for this. May need to have waivers for this.
  • Craft Fair
    Plan a craft fair where vendors pay admission into the location and offer to donate a percentage of their revenue to PWSA (USA).
  • eBay Sales
  • Auction Items
  • Vehicle Donation

Consider naming PWSA (USA) as a Preferred Charity for a Special Occasion

  • Wedding: Getting married and unsure what favors to provide? How about making a donation to PWSA (USA) in honor of your guests? Include a beautiful note on every table letting your guests know that in their honor, you chose to make a donation to PWSA (USA) in lieu of party favors.
  • Birth Announcement: Oh, the joy of a new baby! Whether that child has been diagnosed with PWS or not, you can include a note in the birth announcement asking that you would be especially touched to know that a donation was made to PWSA (USA) in your baby’s honor in place of a gift someone was thinking to give.
  • Winter Holidays: Need a good gift idea in the season of giving? How about a donation to PWSA (USA)? A festive note indicating a donation was made to PWSA (USA) makes a great stocking stuffer and is meaningful gift for any holiday.
  • Memorial Gift: It is never easy to say good-bye to a loved one at any time, but there is a saying that the best way to honor those passed is to take care of those living. Why not celebrate the life of someone departed by making a difference for those who are living with PWS? Ask those who want to do something during this time to make a donation to PWSA (USA) in your loved ones memory to keep their spirit of giving alive.
  • Other Occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Anniversaries of Death, Retirement, Promotion, New Job, Bar/Bat Mizvahs, Communions…. Turn any milestone or life event into a reason to support PWSA (USA) and all our loved ones with PWS.

Estate Planning

Matching Gifts

In-Kind Giving
PWSA (USA) has a Wish List! Items that you can donate are just as valuable to PWSA (USA) as cash donations because they offset budgeted items or will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. In-kind donations may be specific items or a donation of your time and expertise in an area in which you are skilled (graphic design, law, medicine, etc.).

You can help by volunteering during PWS Awareness Week and beyond! There is always so much to do to keep progressing our cause and we need your help in these efforts. Remember, the larger our numbers, the louder our voice! PWSA (USA) depends a great deal on volunteers who help in all kinds of ways. We know that many people are pulled in many directions, and we are grateful for any time you are able to volunteer with PWSA (USA). Thank you in advance for your willingness to become involved.

(Please note that once we have your completed form, we will contact you as projects arise that match your skills and volunteer interests that you express. It may not be immediately, but when projects do occur, if you’ve filled out the form, we’ll have it on record and know to call you. Please feel encouraged to follow-up with us upon completing your form if you desire, or if you have any questions while completing the form.)


Need Assistance? - click here

Thank you for your help!

* Non-profit organizations have to follow laws for fundraising, especially for a raffle or game of chance. Laws vary by state, and sometimes by counties or cities depending on the state. If you do not follow the law while conducting a fundraiser for PWSA (USA), you may put our organization in jeopardy of losing its non-profit status or subject PWSA (USA) to fines all while trying to help our cause!

Please contact the Attorney General’s office or Department of Gaming (or similarly named department) in your state, or call PWSA (USA) for help to learn the laws and regulations that might apply for your fundraising effort. Among other possibilities, you may be required to apply for a permit and submit a permit application fee or print raffle tickets to include specific information. There also may be specific processes to account for funds. Know what is required! Ensuring your effort is legally compliant will ensure that PWSA (USA) is around to help our loved ones with PWS for a long time to come.

**An event planning guide is available by calling PWSA (USA).

date: 02/11/2013

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