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Awareness Tools

General Tools

bullet What you need to know about us
bullet Instructions for an Awareness Booth
bullet Emailing Awareness
bullet Bloggin' It: one Mom's Successful Blog Story & Advice
bullet Example of child specific flyer
bullet Download MS Word Version and Alter for your own use!  Click here
bullet Hear My Voice!
bullet Shine the Light Flyer (PDF) - warning.  May not be appropriate for all methods of awareness.
bullet Information Flyer- 2 pages (PDF 600K)
bullet Members - use publications in the members only section to distribute to medical professionals.
bullet Touching Stories - Spread PWS awareness by e-mailing one or more of these touching stories to those in your address book or write and send your own.
bullet PowerPoint - Basic Information.  Add your own pictures/wording.  (Insert Picture on the menu)
    Don't have PowerPoint?  Download this PDF file (click here)  and on the menu choose window, full screen.  ESC will go back to non-full screen mode.
bullet PWS Knowledge Test (PDF)
bullet Make a poster using PowerPoint
bullet Wallet cards for Restaurants or Law Enforcement
bullet Magnets and Posters from PWSA (USA)
bullet PWS Fact Sheet
bullet Population Statistics
bullet Call PWSA (USA) at 1-800-926-4797 to order useful DVD and brochures

Advocacy and Sample Proclamations

bullet Top Ten Guide to Effective Advocacy
bullet Public Service Announcement
bullet Proclamations
bullet Sample Proclamation Press Release
bullet Government Links

More Advocacy can be found by clicking here


bullet Guide to Media - by zip code
bullet Public Service Announcement (PSA)
bullet Clint Hurdle Public Service Announcement
bullet Sample Letter to Media After Coverage of PWS: Request for More Positive Media Coverage
bullet Sample Letter: Confirmation Letter for Interview
bullet Sample Letter: Confirmation Letter for Interview - page 2
bullet Sample Letter: Post Interview Thank You Before Final Product
bullet Sample Letter: Proclamation Press Release

Early Intervention
bullet Early Intervention Program Request for PWS Training

Hospitals and Doctors

bullet Awareness Letter for Doctors

School Awareness

bullet Letter for School
bullet School Awareness
bullet Helpful information for meeting with elementary school principal to discuss the idea of a school assembly or a presentation to teachers/nurses
bullet Creating understanding is one of the keys to developing a more welcoming and successful classroom environment for students with PWS. Rob and Debra Lutz, parents of Isabella, created this PowerPoint to promote understanding and awareness in Isabella’s elementary school classroom. In a fun and effective way this PowerPoint presentation helps classmates learn about the syndrome and what to expect when sharing a classroom with a student with PWS. This presentation helps to encourage stronger peer relationships and support for a student with PWS and it enriches the world and understanding of all students as they learn the important lesson that every person is unique, has challenges, and needs support. We invite you to adapt and use this PowerPoint presentation for your child’s classroom.  Click here to download a generic version of this presentation for your modifications.
bullet Resources for Educators

Other Awareness Ideas from Your PWS Awareness Committee

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